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Frequently Asked Questions

The replacement of a roof or a repair can be a complex process. From estimates, repair jobs, or insurance restoration, Cimino Construction has you covered. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please contact us!

  • If I file a claim, will my insurance premium increase?"
    Typically, storm damage will not cause your rates to increase. However, if a catastrophic weather event occurs (CAT), insurance companies will raise rates for everyone in the area.
  • Do I have to pay my deductible?
    Yes. The deductible is an amount a homeowner pays out-of-pocket toward a claim before the insurer pays for the remainder. The deductible cannot be waived as it is illegal to not pay this amount. If the amount causes financial burden, we offer payment plans to help alleviate this stress.
  • How can I get a free inspection and what is included?
    Fill out the form on our homepage and we can come out to your property to inspect your roof. We will make a detailed report and show you photos of what we see. If your property has storm damage, we can help you with the insurance process. Otherwise, we would be happy to write you a bid for the repair or replacement of your roof.
  • Am I allowed to keep funds from the insurance claim?
    Typically insurance funds are broken up into two checks: ACV (Actual Cash Value) and RCV (Replacement Cost Value). You could keep the ACV portion and not complete the work. However, you should consult with your mortage company and insurance company because funds are often kept in escrow until a certificate of completion and photo documentation of the finished roof are sent for verification.
  • How long will my roof replacement take?
    Typically, a roof replacement will take one day. In special circumstances where additional damage is found during construction, it make take an additional day. The longest part of the project is processing the claim with your insurance company. However, we are happy to handle communications with them to assure project completion.
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